SPERA Vol. 2 Interview with Josh Tierney

image With Spera Volume 2 coming out we wanted to give you insight into the mind of the creator of the series. Learn all about the collaborative process that goes into Spera’s creation, and Pira and Lono’s journey with their friends in the world of Spera.

As the writer and architect of Spera, what has been the best part about transitioning these adventures from the web to print? Were there any challenges?

JOSH TIERNEY: The best part about bringing Spera to print is being able to produce the longer main stories.  I’m able to collaborate with artists for issue-length chapters, creating a more cohesive vision of the world. The online comics tend to be much shorter, a product of working with a vast assortment of artists, each with a different schedule.

The main technical challenge at the time of Vol. 2 was transitioning from a prose style to a more traditional scripting style with my writing. The original online collaboration, which became Vol. 1, was adapted from a novella I wrote, while with Vol. 2 — knowing it would be a graphic novel from the beginning — I desired to work out panel breakdowns and character blocking myself.

The other challenge is deciding which of the online shorts to include in the second half of the book. I have to think in terms of necessary background information and flow, and this sometimes results in leaving out comics that are simply too long for the book, or don’t fit the overall tone.

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